Serve for two years as the “key” board member helping his/her Boys & Girls Club stay informedof the Movement and various activities of the Area Council. Assure Board Education, Trainingand Recognition of his/her local board, evidenced by the attendance and participation of his/herlocal board members at Area Council Meetings, Board Leadership Conferences and NationalConferences.
  • Have attended at least one Area Council Meeting (annual or planning).
  • Served in a leadership role on his / her local board (ideally a past president).
  • The Area Council Liaison Position approved as an Executive Committee position on localboard.
  1. Complete the annual orientation and roundtable discussion for Area Council Liaisons.
  2. Attend the annual planning meeting of the Area Council, presenting the ideas andsuggestions of his/her Club for consideration on the program of the next Area Councilmeeting.
  3. Attend and participate in the annual meeting the Area Council.
  4. Provide at least quarterly reports on Area Council activities at his/ her Club board meetings.
  5. Assure that his/her Club reviews, discusses and adopts a formal position on issues of Boys& Girls Clubs of America governance, which may be voted on from time to time.
  6. Present and interpret Area Council objectives and initiatives to his/her Boys & Girls Clubsutilizing the tools available from BGCA.
  7. Assure that his/her club participates in key events, submits staff and programs for AreaCouncil State Award consideration.
  8. Annually submit and maintain and updated board member roster of his/her local club to theArea Council
  9. Participate in the Area Council Strategic Planning process.
Best Practices for the Area Council Liaison position:
  • Hold a seat on the executive committee of the board
  • Responsible for securing and monitoring training opportunities for the board
  • Area Council liaison should NOT be the current Chief Volunteer Officer, but rather thepast chair or a board member in the line of succession for Chief Volunteer Officer
Apply for Position: